Care for your Jeans


Buying the right set of jeans is like an investment. Yes. They suits with anything, anywhere. But look after them well and not only last for years, but improves the age of it.

Make sure whether your jeans is raw denim or pre-washed. Pre-washed jeans already look and feel worn in, when you buy them in stores. They might have whiskers. Fading on the thigh and they do not need special treatment. Wash them infrequently – Inside out.

For  denim, it is different. They will produce natural fade when you keep wearing them. It will look more uniquely yours.  

Remember these points on care for your jeans :

  • For Denim, it should be washed as infrequently as possible. It is recommended that you wait for 6 months before the first wash for high contrast fades. With pre-washed jeans, it slows down the fading.
  • When the time finally comes to wash your jeans, keep these 3 points in mind.
    • Turn them inside out.
    • Use a non-biological detergent and warm water. (NOT HOT)
    • Submerging it flat in a bath filled with warm water & rinsing in cool water.
  • For machine wash, make sure you follow the above rules. 🙂
  • After washing, hang promptly to dry.
  • Avoid wringing or twisting the jeans to dry, instead leave to drip dry.
  • Iron on a low heat to maintain the texture and color.

Sometimes your jeans will eventually pick up odor, but you can slow down it by wearing clean cotton underwear (Eco friendly than synthetic fabrics) and keeping you clean.


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