Choice of an Active Man


Our choice on what we wear under the clothes makes a huge impact in our comfort, self-confidence and security. A comfortable pair of underwear will serve the purpose without making the wearer to think about it, the whole day.

Do you want to actively participate in sports events ? Do you want to give a support to your private parts, so that it will not bounce around when you indulge in a game of your favorite sport ? If you said Yes, FreshX will absolutely help you to enjoy the sports activity with your friends.

What are all the features you have to look for while selecting an underwear  ?

The following features makes the underwear a better one.

Comfort fitting – The underwear that you have selected must be comfortable enough to make to feel free all the time. Make sure it gives a snug fit.

Front Panel – The shape of the front panel should properly designed to protect a man’s modesty.  

Smooth – The fabric should give a smooth feeling and does not rub the skin, in turn it makes rashes.

Fabric Texture – Make sure the underwear you select is made from a quick drying fabric, so that it keeps you cool and dry throughout the day.

Some of the important features of FreshX, that keep it outstanding includes:

The Fit : Available in different sizes, which make it easy to choose a size that fits well.

The Fabric : Lenzing Micromodal offers an extra soft feeling like a second skin. It will not bunch up or shrink even after many washes.

Style : FreshX is designed in a way to make you feel like athlet.   

The FreshX underwear can be availed in two different types :

  1. Boxers
  2. Briefs

FreshX is distinguished from other products by so many qualities. You can easily buy online a pair from the FreshX online store. Choose FreshX to feel the comfort & difference.


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